Jordan is a humble person who cares a lot for his family. He’s not quite on quote “street” but knows his way around from his brother. Jordan is smart and creative but he tends to hide that side of himself since the traumatic experience of losing his brother. He’s a loving father who treats his daughter like a Queen, she is his world and he is hers. When they are together it’s all smiles, fun, laughs and hugs and kisses.

Jordans not a violent person by any means, he’s not quick to anger but he does have triggers. His main one is his privacy. He values his space and loving at home with his mom can be a challenge. He grew up at home so it’s not due to unfamiliar grounds but the affects that took place. For himself and his mom, losing their loved one s close to their family really hurts their relationship. Jordan was always a mommas boy and still carries those traits but he isn’t allowed to be that as much any more because of the traumatic results his mother takes on. Jordan loves his mom dearly and really doesn’t want to leave her side, he battles a lot of internal issues between being supportive and hiding away because when he helps he has to give of himself and when he does this he really needs that help back but it isn’t offered only taken which leaves him empty, lonely and more regretful. Deep down inside Jordan is screaming for help but on the surface he is as close to normal as he can be.