The mom wants prescription drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of losing her sons. She feels lonely after her oldest is murdered and the youngest grows up to be independent of her.

What she really needs is to be needed by someone. She’s happy that her son has a daughter so she can have her true needs met but that doesn’t last long after Jayla tells her mom that grandma does things eluding to drugs. From that point on she’s not really allowed to see her which is keeping her from Jay because they live together. Because the moms needs are pushed even further away she goes deeper into her addiction having nothing to fill her void.

Jay’s mom becomes very annoyed with Jay and deep down believes it’s his fault but being his mom she doesn’t want to believe it. She discouraged talks of dreams and pushed real jobs and an education on her sons. Hearing Jay talk about photography or cameras made her blood boil. She wanted Jay to become a lawyer because of his smarts and his ability to convince people his way. Everyone that is except for his babymom.