A dedication to my dad...

A dedication to my dad...
Bestfriends for life

Bestfriends for life

Through it all
were there
and in this life alone,
I could never repay you.

So forever I walk
with my head held high,
for I am,
the living Legacy
of a GREAT man,
MY Father,
Brian Charles Few Sr.

No matter what you will always be my rock.

April 2016 began the worst 2 years of my life. I had literally just finished wrapping a music video and then I received a call from his best friend that was with him on their vacation to the Bahamas. He told me that my dad had just suffered a stroke and he couldn’t recall anything.. My dad remained in the Bahamas for a week. For those of you who don’t know. The Bahamas doesn’t have a neurologist. So they gave him Aspirin and nothing else. My life literally flipped upside down ten times trying to maintain my work and personal life. After a few days stuck in the Bahamas and no way in sight of getting my dad back to the US, I decided to call the US Embassy (thank God for movies) and the next thing I know he was on a medical helicopter to Florida.. Life from there was from easy or normal but my dad came back to his senses as much as he could. I flew down to Florida and stayed with my dad in the hospital there for a week where his Nuerologist informed me that he was diagnosed with “Severe Receptive Aphasia”. When the doctor explained what that meant I had to face the reality that my best friend may never remember my name, Brian Few JR, again..

Since getting back home to Minnesota from the hospital in Florida, life again became no easier. Medications and doctors visits became a frequent thing on top of new levels of anxieties and concerns for my dad’s well-bring. Numerous times I’ve been woken up to my dad having seizures followed by panic calls to 911 and the most life-draining visits to the hospital hoping that no new strokes formed and my dad would recover.. Seeing your loved one shaking uncontrollably with no conscious or control, foaming at the mouth is a sight I would ever wish on my enemy.. My heart was literally broken that day in April and it’s been a long and slow road to where we are today.

I thank God everyday for saving my dads life and still allowing him to be a functioning and self-sustaining human being. He stills maintains his home and even works part-time again. The pain never goes away, it only becomes easier to live with. I thank everyone along the way that has had us in their prayers and to my dad.. I promise you that I will make it in this life. You will everything you’ve ever dreamed of and so much more. I love you with every fiber of my being.


Without you I would never be here

You showed me the world 

And loved me like no other can

You fought for me when I didn't know any other man

I was your world and nothing could come in between us


taught me how to be a man

And gave me the name of a king

Truly the last few of a dying breed

You were my rock 

My guardian angel

With you by my side there's nothing in the world I couldn't accomplish

You had all the answers

Always the life of the party

You used to always say I had it

But you gave me the gift of gabb

You taught me to respect others

And treat one woman at a time like a Queen

Only the best for me

If you had

I had it

If I needed it

You got it

My life isn't even enough to repay you for everything that you've done

You will forever be my angel

My rock

My world

The sun the moon and the stars couldn't measure up to you

You gave me everything you had

I hate what happened to you

I hate that you're different

I hate that I can't just go in your brain and fix it

I want you back

I want to talk like we used to

I still need your advice

I still need you

I still look for your direction

I still need your protection

I still need you.

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I am a Dreamer