Angels Walk
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There’s a real flow and beauty to your work. You have a lot of talent working.
— Hughes Winbourne, Oscar-Winning Editor of Crash
Still from the short film, “Angels Walk”

Still from the short film, “Angels Walk”

Written, Narrated, Shot and Edited by Brian Few Jr.

Angels Walk, is a very personal project I created after hearing about a young man by the name of Tabyis Paskins. He was 17 years. Shot for no reason. By kids of his same race. After reading that article in Fox9 News I visited the place Tabyis had passed away. Right around the corner of my street on 26th & Logan Ave N, I found a small group of people gathering for his Vigil later that day. I attended the Vigil and left with a very heavy heart. As I looked around that circle of family members while we prayed I realized the true nature of this cycle and more importantly, I realized that one of those young men would be in Tabyis's place and there was nothing I could say or do about it...  

That moment had touched me so deeply that I couldn't work, I couldn't eat, I couldn't do anything but empathize the reality I had just experienced. The only thing I knew is that I had to do SOMETHING! At first I wasn't exactly sure what to do at all so I did what I always do when my back is against the wall, I write and allow myself to live within the emotions I felt in that moment. About a month later I came up with this project that you are about to experience. I pray that this project not only reaches the family of Tabyis Paskins but the youth as well as the families dealing with these tragic losses. It is not my intent to glorify the violence of my community but to help raise awareness and provide a small piece of hope in the healing process..

To the family of Tabyis that I met and stood with that day I pray that you all find peace in these dark times. I pray that God heals your broken hearts and lastly, I pray that the youth and friends of Tabyis can find it in their hearts to forgive and change their ways from anger and hatred.

To Tabyis himself, thank you for being the Angel God placed you here to be in the lives you were able and meant to touch,

Rest In Peace young King.





August 23rd, 2018


North Minneapolis, Minnesota


4 min 50 seconds


Words from the cast

That was incredible…very powerful and the filming itself was great! Truly talented. Thanks for sharing!
— Caijsa Lewis

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