Brian Few Jr

"The Dirty 30"

Brian Few Jr
"The Dirty 30"
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Happy Birthday B!! 30!!! NIGGA! 30!!

Never in a million years did I think I’d see this age. Yet I feel no older. I only feel better. I feel wiser. I feel ready. I don’t say it enough but I’m proud of you. Im proud of you for never giving up. No matter how dark things were. No matter how hard life hit you you kept going. You kept learning. You kept working. You pushed yourself to overcome your flaws. You pushed yourself to unlearn negative behaviors and mental habits. You pushed your body and you pushed your health. You are the epitome of this brand you’ve DEDIC823D your life to. I’m so proud of you. You accomplished so many firsts. You lived so much life and so little time and none of that would be possible if it weren’t for God. I love this day. I love this number my birthday falls on. I love my cusps makeup and who it has made me to be. I feel more unstoppable now than I ever have. There is nothing I can’t do and nothing I can not overcome. You should be proud of yourself. You made it to 30 with no kids, no record and your life. You are the exception. You are DEDIC823D. From this day forward move like you know it. Move like you deserve it and always no matter what. Remain DEDIC823D. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY. Everything you’ve ever wanted is all before you. Inshaa’allah 🙏🏾

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