That Time I Went Skydiving For My 28th Birthday...

That Time I Went Skydiving For My 28th Birthday...

For my 28th birthday I decided that I wanted to go skydiving. Now, I’ve NEVER had this on any kind of goal/bucket list EVER but for some reason I told myself that I wanted to. I tricked myself into believing that if I could survive jumping out of a plane then I can do anything.. Boy was I wrong.

On my drive out to Wisconsin I listened to Will Smith’s speech on fear, where he actually shared his personal experience when he jumped out of the plane. I wasn’t nervous or afraid, I actually was very calm and very focused. I was actually this way the entire time until I jumped.. The free falling sucked to say the least. They forgot to mention that it would be hard to breath but I paid for video and photos because I had no intention of ever doing this again so I had to hold my breath and smile. Once we pulled the shoot the sights were amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it..

They definitely forgot to tell me about the 120 mph free fall/suffocation part in the beginning. Ever. But I lived lol.

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