It’s why you do after you make it that defines the type of person you truly are.
— B.Few

We had all read or seen the countless numbered and/or bullet list of things to do to be successful; work hard, stay consistent, persevere, etc, etc. I believe what’s more important than these lists to success are the examples we’ve come to discover and grow to love. These successful whatever’s have laid the most important foundation to success which is, it’s possible for anyone. The only challenge is defining what success is for yourself.

For myself, success is being able to continue to tell stories that relate to the people that stumble across it and can give them a sense of acceptance in their struggle. What I mean by that is, in viewing one of my films I would hope that that project one entertained you first and taught you something, made you aware of something or sparks emotions for change second. This is my mission and vision for DEDIC823D. Getting it to this point was not an easy task but like they say the hardest part of anything great is starting.

To you reading this, thank you so much for visiting us here, spending time looking around our website and viewing our films. While there is an “agenda” to its operations, without you we are and have nothing. Success is desired by many and is achievable by all who try. I hope to document our success here in this blog along the way, along with other topics of discussion and exclusive insights and thoughts behind DEDIC823D!

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